temper chocolate

4 Tips for Tempering Chocolate

Despite Lisa’s love of baking and her perpetual sweet tooth, one sugary culinary mystery always perplexes her: melting chocolate.

catching fish

Know Your Fish: Catch and Cook It Yourself

In the Midwest, we know the names of the farmers we turn to for our honey, bratwursts and maple syrup—and we harvest most of our fresh produce 100 feet from our back door. But it took a recent journey to the Florida Keys to understand what sustainable fishing is all about.

3 New Uses for Preserved Fruit

“Sometimes you just need to think out of the jar,” says Jordan Champagne with a smile. When our kindred-spirited food-entrepreneur friend visited our Wisconsin farm this fall from California, we had the sweet opportunity to go one-on-one with the goddess of food preservation.

3 Keys to a Great Cheese Plate

Being loyal residents of Wisconsin, naturally we love our cheese. All too often we find ourselves purely using it as an ingredient in a dish.

Chèvre to Gouda Cheese: Less is Better

Sometimes less of a high-quality thing beats heaps of average. Take cheese, for example. For our farmstead feasts, we’ve learned to focus on using local, high-quality, European-style or artisanal cheeses.

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