Tomato Tart

When time is of the essence, this easy tomato tart makes the perfect lunch or snack.

Pumpkin Pickles

Preserve your pumpkin harvest in a new way and enjoy it year-round with this brightly colored pickle.

Watermelon-rind Pickles

Don’t throw out that watermelon rind just yet. Use it for this snack that’s spicy, sweet and tart.

Easy Pumpkin Purée in a Slow Cooker

We’ve always had a casual love affair with the slow cooker, which many folks may know under the trademarked brand name “Crock-Pot.” But our friend and cookbook author, Kathy Hester, turned that occasional fling of ours into a deeply rooted relationship. Pumpkin purée in a slow cooker? Who knew? Crock-Pots rock.

Vegetable Stuffing

Try this recipe if your holiday guests include vegetarians.