Crispy Comfort Food: Loaded Baked Potato Skins

These early days of winter—with garden duties fading and the first cold winds causing us to crave classic comfort foods—inspired us to get creative with our bumper potato crop this week.

Smoky Hand-cut Baked Fries

The smoky, spicy flavor of these homemade fries is even more delicious when paired with homemade ketchup.

Carol’s Health Nut Bars

At a recent fair we met Carol Yoder, who has been a long-time farmstead chef, and she shared her recipe for homemade nut bars.

Tomato Tart

When time is of the essence, this easy tomato tart makes the perfect lunch or snack.

Rhubarb Fritters: Springtime Garden Indulgence

The early warm weather this May gifted our farm with a more-bountiful-than-usual rhubarb patch. Having already worked through our usual rhubarb repertoire of muffins and coffeecakes on our B&B guests, we took this tangy, red springtime garden treat to new levels this weekend by whipping out the fryer.

Sandwich Shells

Turn any sandwich into finger food with these delightfully light shells.

Salami Bites

Serve up simple sandwiches of meat and cheese to appease hungry appetites.

Crisp Wheat Crackers

Pair these hearty and delicious homemade crackers with your favorite dip.

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