Cari Jorgensen
September 21, 2015

Renewable Energy Growing Across United StatesRenewable Energy Growing Across United States – Urban Farm energy, solar energy, United StatesThere are five states you may not expect to be increasing renewable energy.There are five states you may not expect to be increasing renewable energy.There are five states you may not expect to be increasing renewable energy.newsCari JorgensenSeptember 21, 2015Renewable Energy Growing Across United States (


California is at the helm when it comes to solar power, given the space the state has for solar farms. However, California isn’t the only one looking toward renewable energy. An SNL Energy report from February 2015 revealed that North Carolina is aggressively pursuing renewable energy, with the goal of having renewable provide 12.5 percent of their electricity by 2021, Forbes reports.

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Several other states across the nation are adopting solar energy. Forbes acknowledged that five states in particular are key players in this movement: Florida, New York, Alabama, Mississippi and Hawaii. Why these states? Forbes says that while Florida has regulations in place that prohibit third party power companies from entering the market and companies that do sell power in that state must be regulated utility companies. However, in 2016, the decision to allow third party solar financing will be made by the Florida Supreme Court. New York is making big changes in the field. A plan is in place to “cut its greenhouse emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050,” Forbes reports. Alabama also has plans to “deploy 500 megawatts of renewable energy over the next six years,” according to Forbes. While ranked low on the solar energy scale, Mississippi will be the home to a solar energy company, which will not only provide 300 megawatts of renewable energy per year, but also provide a significant number of new jobs for the city of Jackson. Hawaii might have the most aggressive renewable energy goal, seeking to hit 30 percent by 2020, 70 percent by 2040 and 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

Do you think all states will aim toward significant increases in renewable energy? Do you know where your state ranks? Check out the SNL Energy report for more details.

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