Beet-apple Compote

Pair beets and apples in this standout sweet-and-sour sidedish.

Apple-croissant Pudding

Use a plentiful fall farm fruit—the apple—to bake a delightful new dessert.

Mom’s Apple Spice Cake

Enjoy a rich, nutty-flavored cake, courtesy of this recipe’s secret ingredient—hazelnut coffee.

Want Apples? Plan Now

If you are considering apple trees for your urban farm, find out now if your plan is viable. As you scan that stack of mail-order seed catalogs and websites for ideas for this year’s garden, don’t overlook the potential value an apple tree (or several) could add to your urban farm. Developing a home apple […]

A Lesson, a Ritual, Gifts

Photo by Judith Hausman I canned my foraged “parking lot” pears in rum with plums and ground cherries. It’s a rainy, rainy day, and a rain we sorely need here in the Hudson Valley. Despite the rain, I had to go get the quince today, or else I’d have been too late for them. About […]

Apple Harvest

When Brett and I moved to the country two decades ago, we envisioned having a sunny little orchard where we would harvest bushels of apples, pears and other delicious tree treasure each year.

Local Food in Montreal

Photo by Judith Hausman Apples were in full stock at Atwater Market in Montreal. The Hungry Locavore is a Francophile from way back—that made a recent weekend trip to the French-North American hybrid city of Montreal even more appealing. I loved the combination we found of sturdy, New World Canadian with enduring European influences. You […]

Apple Bread

Mix up your new favorite bread made with farm-fresh apples.

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