4 People Who Judge Your Urban Chickens

Rachel Hurd Anger Chicken keepers have supporters and critics everywhere. From rural career farmers to city dwellers, judgments are all over the map. Here are four types of people who have opinions about your urban farming habits. Can you name these people in your community? 1. The Encouraging Ally The best supporter is often a […]

4 Tips For Selling Backyard Eggs

Every year I look forward to my local newspaper’s holiday haiku contest. Its many ‘winners’ see their poems published in the Christmas edition of the Courier-Journal. In 2014, a sign nailed to a mailbox post stating “Fresh Eggs” inspired me to submit this: ”Fresh Eggs!” shingles read. Yoking to activism, Metro Cluckers flock. When we […]

store eggs

How to Store Backyard Eggs

On the counter or in the fridge? This is what you need to know about keeping your chickens’ eggs before it’s time time to eat them.

What Do I Do With Small Eggs?

Our backyard chickens usually produce an inconsistent product. Their eggs vary in shape, size and color, mostly because we collect a variety of breeds based on their coloring, lace, combs, cold hardiness, heat tolerance, egg colors and sizes—whatever tickles our fancy, really. Whether or not we realize it, those of us with many different breeds […]

Free Backyard Chickens Webinar

Courtesy Stock.XCHNG Learn about backyard chicken biosecurity in “The Word on Healthy Birds” webinar. This week, Nov. 1 to 7, 2010, the USDA’s Biosecurity for Birds campaign will celebrate Bird Health Awareness Week to promote awareness about the diseases that threaten poultry health and the ways to prevent the spread of infectious poultry diseases. Highlighting […]

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