5 Tips for the Lazy Beekeeper

Helping save bee populations by keeping a hive on your farm doesn’t have to be a lot of work. These tips will help you maintain a hive with ease.

summer bees hive

Month-by-month Beekeeping

Two beekeepers walk you through a monthly schedule of easy-to-follow beekeeping tasks according to region.

No Zoning Laws, No Problem? Think Again.

Nicholas Weaver, a resident of Cumming, Ga., did everything right before becoming a backyard beekeeper. The then-13-year-old spoke with his neighbors to make sure they wouldn’t mind some new, buzzing tenants on his family’s property. He went to town meetings and asked if the city had rules about beekeeping. Finally, he checked the local zoning […]

Bee on Your Way

When you hear the buzzing of bees near your home in spring, you may want to shoo them away. Instead, learn the steps to get visiting bees to set up shop elsewhere.

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