Farming Like a President

America’s founding fathers provide an example of how to raise livestock as part of a sustainable farming operation.

Protect Your Livestock from Ticks

Mom took me and Uzzi for a walk the day before yesterday, and we all got ticks. Now Uzzi and I have itchy spots where Mom took them off. Ow!

2011 Livestock Population Trends

The global human population reached 7 billion this month, but world food organizations wonder if livestock production can keep up.

Brucellosis in Cattle

Although now a controlled livestock disease, Brucellosis can cause problems for hobby-farm herds if carried by wildlife.

Holy Cow!

A few weeks ago, Mom let me blog about sheep trivia from the book she’s writing. People liked it, so here’s some fun facts about cows.

Video Demos Cattle Pain Control

Farmers can help reduce cattle pain during dehorning with a procedure offered by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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