DIY Pest Spray

Cut down on a pest infestation with this simple, natural control technique using materials you already have at home.

Can Chickens Get Lonely?

  Rachel Hurd Anger Chickens might seem like just another pet to some, but when we’re bringing livestock into our yards, we need to remember that their needs are not the same as the needs of the animals we might keep inside our homes. If you’re keeping a single chicken or you’re considering getting just […]

4 Ways To Rekindle Your Love For Chickens

  Rachel Hurd Anger As the days grow shorter and colder, we often talk about how to care for chickens as the seasons change, and we’ll certainly discuss cold-weather care soon. But, the worst thing about chicken keeping as the seasons change isn’t the maintenance to help your flock survive the winter—in fact, depending on […]

5 Reasons You’ll Love Raising Chickens

  Rachel Hurd Anger Have you been daydreaming about your would-be hens clucking peacefully across your backyard? Whether it’s an aversion to the road less traveled, or city regulations you’ll have to challenge, here are five reasons you’ll love raising a small flock of hens. 1. Gathering Farm-Fresh Eggs Can you call them farm-fresh if […]

4 People Who Judge Your Urban Chickens

Rachel Hurd Anger Chicken keepers have supporters and critics everywhere. From rural career farmers to city dwellers, judgments are all over the map. Here are four types of people who have opinions about your urban farming habits. Can you name these people in your community? 1. The Encouraging Ally The best supporter is often a […]

Can Chickens Taste Hot Peppers?

During a vacation when I was a kid, I learned that seagulls were nicknamed “rats with wings.” It would be many more years before I learned that all birds are scavengers or foragers. On that vacation, my dad sprinkled hot sauce onto a French fry and threw it out of the car window to a […]

Feeding Chicken Scraps To Chickens

Rachel Hurd Anger Chickens have a symbiotic relationship with our kitchens. They provide for each other, through us, of course. But, where do we draw the line on feeding chicken scraps? Emma asks, “Is feeding cooked chicken leftovers (bones, etc.) to chickens bad for them?” Some foods are absolutely not appropriate for chickens. Green potato […]