Using Wood Ash in the Garden

We’ve been busy trying to stay warm here in western Pennsylvania and have been enjoying many fires in our fireplace. As a result, we have a lot of wood ash.

Chick Detour

I stopped by the farm-supply store to get mulch and almost got suckered. To get to the mulch, of course, you have to walk right by the baby chicks peeping and pecking and practically begging to be taken home.

Cherishing the Autumn Garden

I know fall has arrived when the hens quit laying. It’s extra official now that the leaves have started to change color and the maples have begun to shed. Commence leaf-raking. But more importantly, commence appreciating fall’s beautiful weather—perfect for gardening (at least as long as it isn’t raining).

Asparagus Raised Beds—Check!

I’m checkin’ something off the to-do list, and it’s a big ticket item—how I love it when that happens! I spent yesterday building raised beds and planting my asparagus in them. The lumber for the raised beds has been sitting in the garage since autumn, so it’s nice to have the project completed …

Diminish Spring Garden Stress

Courtesy Hemera Technologies/ When choosing plants this spring, try to find disease-resistant varieties in order to reduce garden-related stress. Starting a garden in the spring can bring loads of rewards throughout the gardening season, but can be intimidating for the urban dweller without loads of experience under his belt. Along with the fruits of labor […]

Battle of the Fallen Leaf

Leaf gathering is nearly over for us in the Northland. Recognizing the value of leaf mulch, we stockpile ours for late-fall shredding.

No Cover Crops, No Till

Decision made. I am not going to plant a cover crop in the vegetable garden this year.

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