Quick Craft: Chalkboard Labels

Affix these homemade labels to your home’s storage containers so you can swap out their contents with no hassle.

How to Make a Terrarium

Easy to make and maintain, terrariums are an excellent way to keep your hands working with plants in the garden off-season.

Farmstead Chef Join John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, co-authors of the cookbook Farmstead Chef (New Society Publishers, 2011), as they share recipes and tips for using your garden abundance to eat seasonally. From creative ways to cook up zucchini to making homemade pantry staples, John and Lisa make it fun and easy to create a […]

Fun with Leaves

On a visit last week to our town library, I parked next to a line of ornamental maple trees ablaze with brilliant, sun-struck foliage. Beneath them, a riot of scarlet, crimson and orange leaves covered the ground, free for the taking. (Or so I assumed.) So I grabbed a shopping bag from the car and stuffed it full, a little guiltily—as if I were pilfering rubies instead of dead leaves.

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