Fire Safety on the Farm

Whether it’s your home or barn, following these fire-safety guidelines for the farm could help save those who mean the most to you.

The Rains Came

Everything is muck and mire on our farm. According to our rain gauge, 13 inches of rain fell in just four days! Uzzi and I huddled in our Port-a-Hut while storm after storm roared by.

USDA Surveys Farm Financial Health

The results of a USDA survey to study the economic viability of American farms will be used to inform future agriculture-policy decisions.

Prefabricated barn kits make barn-building easier.

Prefabricated Barn Kits

Small-scale farmers can take the worry out of barn building with barn kits that are affordable and easy to assemble.

Collecting Stuff

Remember when Salem got sick and Mom and Dad gave him bock beer to soothe his bellyache? Mom and Dad don’t drink beer, so Uzzi and I decided to Google it for them.

Signs of Spring

You know how I talked last week about some of the Boers shedding their cashmere undercoats? Now they’re all doing it; that’s a sign of spring!

Nature’s Swag

A few weeks ago, a fairly impressive wind storm littered Douglas fir branches around our farm, plus snapped off the dead top of the big, old fir gracing our horses’ pasture. It seemed a shame to let all of those branches go to waste …

Pioneer for the Afternoon

The log cabin, dimly lit by oil lamps and a few small windows, bustles with activity: girls dressed in matching aprons and bonnets (and a few boys, definitely not in aprons and bonnets) kneading bread dough, churning cream and grinding corn.

Build A Better Barn For Your Farm

It’s possible to build a barn that balances your dream barn with practical reality. Read more on choosing a site, function, accessories, get online resources and read lessons learned.