Garden Lizards: Meet the Skinks

These large, snake-like lizards are a predator to many garden pests, so if you see one lurking around your veggie patch, leave it be.

Unplug While In The Garden

Let your garden be a peaceful, quiet space where you can learn from the plants and reflect on your surroundings—no devices allowed.

Gardening Without Borders

I’ve overcommitted myself to seeds and plants, meaning I need to look outside the Fortress Garden walls for growing space.

Gardening with Chickens

  Gardening with chickens can be a lot of fun. They’re often underfoot (and under shovel) doing some of the grunt work, like removing weedy sprouts and wriggling ground pests. The problem is that chickens don’t know when to stop helping. Growing food in small spaces is challenging enough on its own, but add a […]

Oh, I Wish It Would Rain!

Despite my best intentions in watering my garden, no irrigation I can provide seems to top the power of rainwater.

Fence Dogs Out of Your Garden

Man’s best friend isn’t necessarily your garden’s BFF. Employ fencing to ensure dog’s aren’t tempted by your growing veggies.