Getting My Garden Freak On

Yes, I could plant the same ol’ boring crops every year, but why? There are varieties of all shapes, sizes and colors waiting to be explored.

Girly-Girl Gardening

Among the functionality of my Fortress Garden, I’ve dabbled in bits of pretty things to make my growing season that much more enjoyable.

7 Carrots I’m Growing This Year

Because carrots are such a well-loved vegetable in my household, I’m devoting more space and time to them in this year’s garden.

3 Ways Gardening Benefits the Heart

If you find yourself in a post-Valentine’s Day stupor, look forward to all the heart-healthy benefits your garden will soon bring.

Time to Plant Peas

The early days of spring, when the weather is still cool, is when you need to get easy-to-grow peas in the ground.