5 Simple Answers to Livestock Questions

Sometimes people ask me questions that have short answers, so I can’t write a whole blog about them. This week let’s take a look at some of those.

It’s About Goats – Part 2

Uzzi and I helped Mom research a book she wrote called The Backyard Goat: An Introductory Guide to Keeping Productive Pet Goats (Storey Publishing, 2011), and these are some of the cool things we learned.


Last week, we goats were lying in the shade, chewing cud. When I mentioned I’d blogged about the wartime exploits of William de Goat, King Neptune and Sergeant Bill, my daughter Emony said, “What about Nan? She was a wartime hero, too!”

Rare Meats to Raise

If you want to expand from the tradition beef, chicken or pork on your farm, consider raising these other meat animals and poultry.

A Goat Tale

Last year, Mom wrote a book about goats. It includes paraphrased fairy tales and folk stories including our favorite, “Alyonushka and Ivanushka.”

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