How to Shear Sheep

Namaste Farms’ Natalie Redding demonstrates how to safely and efficiently shear a sheep.

Giving Thanks

Did you know goats might have contributed milk and cheese to the first Thanksgiving feast? It’s true. The first Thanksgiving took place at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass., in 1621.

Hey, Hay!

Dad gets mad when we goats and sheep pull hay out of conventional feeders, then fling it around, dropping most of it on the ground.

You can raise cattle for dairy or meat.

How To Keep Livestock And Make Money

Decide if keeping livestock for profit is right for you and your hobby farm, and choose the right species to keep with this guide.

Goat Meat Demand on the Rise

Census data shows that more Americans are raising goats for meat, possibly due to health and cultural reasons.

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