Gardening Without Borders

I’ve overcommitted myself to seeds and plants, meaning I need to look outside the Fortress Garden walls for growing space.

Cyn’s Simple Guide to Fertilizing

The complexity of soil nutrition can bog you down. A super-simple understanding of all things N-P-K helps beginning farmers like me get started.

Oh, I Wish It Would Rain!

Despite my best intentions in watering my garden, no irrigation I can provide seems to top the power of rainwater.

Getting My Garden Freak On

Yes, I could plant the same ol’ boring crops every year, but why? There are varieties of all shapes, sizes and colors waiting to be explored.

Girly-Girl Gardening

Among the functionality of my Fortress Garden, I’ve dabbled in bits of pretty things to make my growing season that much more enjoyable.

What’s In a Name?

A trip to the lumberyard helped me quickly learn the difference between dirt and soil—and yes, there is a difference.

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