3 Herbs from the Carrot Family to Grow This Year

I’m planning to try a few new herbs in my garden this year. Although old standby’s like oregano, dill, thyme and basil will always have a home, I’m hoping to get a little more adventurous in both the garden and the kitchen this year by trying these slightly out-of-the-box herbs.

Crop Profile: Microgreens

Flavor-packed and easy to grow, microgreens make a great addition to your growing plant—and your menu.

Newfound Coleus Supplier

I recently wrote an article on coleus for my weekly newspaper column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and found out about a terrific mail-order company that I had never heard of before. Now, I have always liked coleus and I grow several different ones in my garden every year, but I had no idea how many hundreds of different cultivars there are out there and just how stunning some of them can be.

Ancient Pittosporums

Rapallo has many of the ancient shrub Pittosporum tobira. These shrubs, which are actually small trees, are really attractive year-round, particularly in spring when they bloom.

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