Summer’s Lease

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date. ~William Shakespeare

River Cane

Photo by Rick Gush Though an invasive speices in some places, Arundo (or river cane) has many uses. I know river cane (Arundo donax) is a nasty weed in some places, like California, and that it displaces many native species in riparian habitats, thereby destroying local ecologies. I urge all gardeners and farmers to treat […]

The Two Arugula

Courtesy Rick Gush I plant cultivated arugula seeds densly, so I can harvest seedlings in early fall. It’s the changing of the seasons now, and this means that we’ll switch arugula types for the next six months.  We’ve been eating wild arugula since last April, and now, we’ll start eating the cultivated type.  It would […]

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