Watercress Salad Recipe

  Photo by Judith Hausman Watercress makes for a terrific late-spring salad. Oh how I wish I had a secret source of healthy, crunchy, bracing watercress like an acquaintance of mine once had. A deep-wooded stream ran through her property, and the lucky duck had plenty of tender watercress growing alongside it. I buy mine […]

Sweet-tart Rhubarb Chutney

Photo by Judith Hausman Sweet-tart Rhubarb Chutney makes a delicious dish. Changed plans turned two beautiful pieces of local, grass-fed meat into leftovers. We ate a few slices, but the barbecued London broil and the butterflied half-leg-of-lamb are now mostly cold in the fridge. No matter; leftovers are a favorite challenge! I can make curry […]

Aspiring to Asparagus

Whether thin and delicate, fat and green, or white with purple shadings, asparagus poking up through its protection of straw is a sure sign of the oncoming growing season.

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