Homemade Elderberry-Herb Cold Syrup

Don’t let a cold get the best of you this winter. Use this simple herbal syrup to prevent colds and help recover from them faster.

3 Ways to Grow Culinary Herbs

Save money—both on plants and on herbs—by growing and propagating your own using one of these three methods.

How To Make Herbal Sugars

Showcase your garden’s herbs in your favorite treats by making herbal sugars that impart a delicious sweetness and hint of color.

The Secret to Starting Herb Seeds

Herb seeds, unlike their more more-cultivated vegetable counterparts, need some extra care and attention to germinate properly.

Grow Plants to Treat Childhood Illnesses

Children’s immune systems are bound to get exercised with illness, especially this time of year. Grow herbs to have on hand to treat the symptoms and help them get well.

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