Moroccan-style Lamb Shanks

Photo by Judith Hausman Stew is good for you! Winter is still among us in the New York’s Hudson Valley where I live. The beets and potatoes at the farmers markets are getting a little wrinkled, but a few greens and fresh herbs, grown slowly under snow-dusted hoop houses, are beginning to show up. I […]

White Bean and Sausage Soup

Photo by Judith Hausman Soup or salad? When it’s cold out, choose soup. I had been hoarding sweet pork sausage from my CSA pig for several months, when we had a second snow day in one week. This seemed like a great occasion to defrost three packages of sausage and create my white bean and […]

Beer Bread

  Photo by Judith Hausman Beer and bread equal best friends. Beer is a great base for beef stew but usually I shamelessly gather the brews up and use them to make the easiest bread ever, in all kinds of variations, and the beer can be flat or fizzy.  You may already know this recipe; […]

Applesauce Cake

This cake makes good use of canned applesauce.

Chocolate Dried-Plum Loaf Cake

  Photo by Judith Hausman Let them eat this cake. Prunes aren’t the sexiest fruit with which to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but as California has discovered, dried plums sound a little better; plus, they work well in a Chocolate Dried-Plum Loaf Cake. Actually, dried cherries soaked in sherry, chopped apricots soaked in Grand Marnier or […]

Winter Salad: Pumpkin & Rice

Photo by Judith Hausman Pumpkin and rice are winter comfort foods. I love this pumpkin and rice winter salad recipe, a substantial cross between a salad and a side that makes use of long-keeping winter resources such as pumpkin and onions. Serve it room temperature accompanied by a green salad to make it a light […]

Corn Pudding

Photo by Judith Hausman If you planned correctly, you still have some summer corn frozen and ready for pudding! On the corn continuum, there’s corn pudding, then spoonbread, then cornbread. The first one, for which you have a recipe here, doesn’t use cornmeal and is as soft as a flan. It could almost become a […]

Orange Upside-down Cake

Photo by Judith Hausman This upside-down cake will turn a frown into a smile. Here’s a sweet for January. Not only does it use citrus in season, but it also is lighter and more sanctimonious than most cakes because January is the month of eaters’ remorse and diet resolutions. The cake is relatively lightly sweetened […]

Almond Pinwheels

This tapenade uses almonds instead of olives as its base.

Sweet Potato Pie

Photo by Judith Hausman Who doesn’t want a slice of pie?!  I’m from Southern New York, yes, but I certainly didn’t grow up with sweet potato pie. Still, even post-holidays, its homey spices sing to me. The texture and flavors are very similar to a pumpkin pie; in fact, this recipe works fine with pureed […]