Bed Building 201

So there we were with a partially unpacked bed, a floor away from where it was supposed to be. To complicate things, I wasn’t sure if the construction, as solid as it appeared, could handle the torque that would occur with my wife and I wrestling it through the house and down a set of stairs.

Bed Building 101

I built a Murphy bed this weekend! OK, I actually put one together. There’s a big difference.

Seek ‘n’ Find: Buried Waterlines

If you decide to bury some waterlines as I did a few years ago, don’t forget to map them … and then refer to your map before working around them.

Shelving Shortcuts

Setting up shelving can be a time-consuming process as you evaluate what you want stored and where.

Learning to Weld

When my wife, Wendy, gave me a one-day welding class as a gift for my last birthday, I had no idea how much fun it would be nor how hard it would be.

Rafter Panel Storage

Last week, I told you how I devised a plan to use the area between the rafters in my compact workshop for storage. Instead of permanent hinges, I opted for hanging a pipe that would retain the panels, yet allow them to tip down to display tools.

Using All Workshop Space

When I set out to tuck my workshop into an 8- by 12-foot shed, I knew I needed to plan to use all available space.

Turnbuckling My Workbench

I’ve mentioned my old workbench that has traveled from Minnesota to New York to Iowa and back. I think I’ve torn it apart and reassembled it at least seven times, not to mention the moves from garage to basement and back in various houses.