Recipe: Savory Biscotti

Photo by Judith Hausman These tomato-lemon and olive-rosemary biscotti are delicious with minestrone. If a good soup is simmering on your stove this winter as often as it is on mine, you’ll love these crunchy, savory biscotti as the perfect accompaniments. This is my favorite recipe because the biscotti turn out dry and crunchy, just […]

Recipe: Last-Minute Chicken and Sausage Contadina

iStockphoto/Thinkstock The Hudson Valley sausage would defrost quickly and pair wonderfully with roasted chicken. I love when I can feed my now-grown-up kids. This weekend though, the list of house guests doubled the morning they were to arrive. Gulp. And the backlog of garden goodies in the fridge has thinned considerably already in my area. […]

Recipes: Holiday Leftovers

PHOTO CREDIT HERE INSERT CAPTION HERE As I’ve reported here before, I’m kind of a nut about leftovers; it’s nearly my hobby to repurpose them. This year’s holiday entertaining has offered me many opportunities … shhh … don’t tell the guests. A couple of standouts were a quiche appetizer, which was originally the dip from […]

Cornmeal Apple Pancakes

Photo by Judith Hausman For a tasty breakfast, serve these cornmeal-apple pancakes with applesauce, apple butter and real maple or sorghum syrup. Well, I think my appetite is fully winterized. I’m craving all those cozy comfort foods that make the kitchen smell good and can be eaten while sitting by the wood stove. I’ve already […]

Recipe: Reuben Sandwich

Photo by Judith Hausman This Reuben sandwich recipe can be easily changed up to your liking. As I promised, here’s the news on my first attempt at sauerkraut. So many of you weighed in with helpful feedback and enthusiasm. Well, I’m here to tell you, I succeeded. After taste-testing from the four jars that I […]

Recipe: Thanksgiving Soup: Part II

Photo by Judith Hausman Lemon (or lime) juice, cilantro and lemon grass impart bright, Asian flavors to this turkey soup. The Thanksgiving parades are over and the football has begun. In between the two, you reduced that proud bird to a pile of rubble, didn’t you? Don’t give up just yet. Break out the plastic containers and […]

A Gift of Chestnuts

After receiving a generous gift of chestnuts, I began experimenting with mouth-watering chestnut recipes.

Waste Not, Want Not

Photo by Judith Hausman With a little bit of work, vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste can be transformed into sauces, soups and salads. Today, as part of my work in our garden coop, I joined my buddies to survey our harvest shelves. When necessary, we stockpile produce in a cool basement where there’s […]

Milk Desserts

Photo by Judith Hausman Buttermilk pies are easy to make, and their simple flavors are deliciously comforting. Lisa had made a mistake in the cheese house, but like many a food mistake, a new product resulted. When her apprentice, Blair described the dense texture and tangy flavor of the goat milk, I knew I had […]

Beets Are the Best!

Photo by Judith Hausman   This grated, raw beet salad is healthy and beautiful. I never ate beets growing up but now they are among my favorite vegetables, especially the beautiful, juicy new beets that are so abundant this time of year. Beets are also really good for you; they contain unique antioxidants and vitamin […]