Cattle with lice

Lice: A Seasonal Lesson

Winter can mean lice infestations in livestock. Learn what to do if the pesky insects cause issues on your farm.

Fruit: A History of Pears

Excerpt from the Popular Garden Series magabook Orcharding with permission from its publisher, BowTie magazines, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Orcharding here. Pears were much beloved by the ancients. Homer called pears a “gift of the gods.” Roman horticulturists used grafting techniques to develop more than 50 different pear cultivars. Hardy varieties of pears […]

Livestock Toolbox

Make sure your livestock medicine cabinet includes the following and that you know how and when to use each: baking soda (for stomach upset) chlorhexidine clean rags/towels electrolytes Epsom salts injectable antibiotic, over-the-counter type injectable vitamins, B Complex or B12 iodine antiseptic (7 percent), for foot rot large-volume syringe (empty and needleless), for flushing wounds, […]

5 Ways to Slow Your Bacon

As Slow Food USA revs up their Slow Meat campaign, here are five things in the works to help both farmers and consumers care about the meat they eat.

3 Flies on Our Farm This Spring

It’s springtime in the Ozarks, which means the flies are back! Pesky flies make spring and summer trying times for us animals—and for humans, too!

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