Pinkeye in Animals

Sweetie, our new pygmy goat who has pinkeye, is doing better. She can see out of one eye!

Meet Sweetie, the Pygmy Goat

One of Mom’s friends rescued Sweetie, the Pygmy goat, but now Sweetie needs a home so she’s come to live with us on our farm.

The Case of the Curious Chicken

Photo by Audrey Pavia This hen has been exhibiting a very weird behavior. I’ve had my flock of bantams for several years now, and I spend a lot of time watching them. So at this point, it’s hard for them to come up with a behavior I haven’t seen before. Yet, that is what happened […]

Protect Your Livestock from Ticks

Mom took me and Uzzi for a walk the day before yesterday, and we all got ticks. Now Uzzi and I have itchy spots where Mom took them off. Ow!

7 Ways to Avoid a Barn Fire

Barn fires are the most common emergency disaster farmers encounter. Reduce the risk of devastation on your farm.

Vital Signs – Part 1

If you thought your livestock friend was sick, would you know how to assess his vital signs? It’s easy, but it varies somewhat from species to species—and you should practice before you need to know how.

A Tough Decision

Photo by Audrey Pavia Red will be going to a new home soon. Last night was a hard night. I finally made a decision I had been struggling with for months: It was time to give up my quarter horse, Red. Red came to us about four years ago, when his owners, Kim and Mike, […]

Good Husbandry Grants Available

Hobby farmers certified by Animal Welfare Approved can apply for funding to support projects benefiting the welfare of livestock.

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