Foiled Again

Photo by Audrey Pavia My hens like to lay their eggs where I can’t reach them. Sometimes I feel like there is a conspiracy going on in my barnyard. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I occasionally sense that my critters get together behind my back and try to figure out ways to make my […]

Animal to Acreage Ratio

Give your livestock room to roam and make sure that you have enough farm space to support them.

Time to Inventory Hay

Calculate your hay need for winter and test its quality before the grazing season ends.

20 Tips for Safer Farming

All farmers need a safety lesson now and then. Use these tips as a farm-safety refresher.

Protect your livestock from predators like coyotes.

Protect Your Livestock From Predators

The USDA estimates that predators (wild and domestic) cost farmers and ranchers almost $100 million annually in livestock losses. Learn how to protect your livestock from becoming prey.

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