Grits and Leeks

Wednesday, June 11, 2014Recipe: Grits and Leeks – Hobby FarmsGrits and Leeks Judith Hausman As a long-time freelance food writer, Judith Hausman has written about every aspect of food, but local producers and artisanal traditions remain closest to her heart. Eating close to home takes this seasonal eater through a journey of delights and dilemmas, […]

Cioppino (San Fran Fish Stew)

Photo by Judith Hausman My family and I all fell in love with cioppino during a recent family trip to Northern California. A recent blustery, rainy night back home on the East Coast reminded me of this rough and hardy, red wine and tomato-based fish stew.  A tribute to the Italian and Portuguese fishermen of […]

Carrot Salad with Cilantro-Pistachio Pesto

Photo by Judith Hausman This no-raisin, no-mayo carrot salad is easy to make and uses spring’s plentiful cilantro, pistachios and cumin. Maybe you still have some overwintered carrots available or are lucky enough to be able to already harvest small, tender new ones.  This recipe can be done in a jiffy, if you use a […]


Photo by Judith Hausman Spring soup? Well, yes, it has finally started to warm up in New York’s Hudson Valley, but a light, healthful soup, made quickly with a garden’s first offerings, can still tempt me. After a perfect Mothers Day morning of getting this year’s petunias in place and finally moving the overwintered geraniums […]

Green Peppercorn Sauce

Photo by Judith Hausman This is a classic, French-style pan sauce, usually made from the fat and browned bits left from searing meat. However, this version doesn’t depend on having just cooked meat, so it’s great for bringing leftover beef, pork, chicken or even salmon to the next level. For my own meal, it sauced […]

Lemon Pizza on the Grill

Photo by Judith Hausman Our first barbecue of the season was a joint effort. My hosts offered beautiful burgers, and I made the pizza. While the fire was getting hot enough for the burgers, we maneuvered the stretched and lightly-oiled dough onto the grill first (it took 3 of us to do so!), quickly covered […]

Hot and Spicy Chraimeh Sauce

Photo by Judith Hausman Tangy chraimeh sauce reinvigorates leftovers. This week is Passover so it’s fitting to share a recipe for chraimeh sauce. It’s not a traditional or symbolic food for the holiday, but the tangy sauce is associated with Tripolitan (Libyan) Jewish cuisine. The flavors are Arab and Mediterranean, as is much of Spanish/North […]

Cracked Wheat Salad

  Photo by Judith Hausman This cracked wheat salad serves 4. I ate this standout Cracked Wheat Salad as part of a feast of meze (small plates) on my very first day in Turkey when I was still reeling with jetlag and mind-blown by Istanbul. Cracked Wheat Salad is great for the transitional table because […]

Turkish Leeks

Photo by Judith Hausman Here’s a fresh dish for spring. A recent trip to Turkey gave me a jumpstart on spring cooking because of the milder weather there (the peach and apricot trees were already in bloom) and because of the wonderful vegetable-centric cuisine of that country. It goes without saying that cucumbers, tomatoes and […]