Trend Spotting: Edible Ornamentals

I hope you and those you love had a wonderful holiday season and that 2012 brings you much success—in the garden and in life. We had a great Christmas, followed by a trip to Florida for a few days of sunshine.

7 Great Garden Themes to Try

Get your creative juices flowing by designing a flowerbed to reflect your interests and complement your abode.

Poppy Time

Photo by Rick Gush I love the orange poppies from my home state of California, but the red poppies of Italy are striking and exotic to me. One of the reasons I really like living in Italy is that so much of ordinary, everyday existence is exotic to me. For example, I get a big […]

Planting My Paradise

When I got home last evening, I decided to fill my patio planters even though I can’t put them on the new patio until the final coat of sealant is applied. I went ahead and planted a few of them in the ground, too.

May Mart Plant Shopping

Our local botanical garden hosted its annual May Mart last week so of course I made a trip to have a little lookie. In true form, I left with the back of my car full of plants. I like to tell myself it’s for a good cause. (It is! Really, I swear.)

Soil pH

If you want your plants to grow strong, study up on your soil’s chemistry.

Where’s the Houseplant Love?

I have never been a houseplant person. Although I love to garden and I love plants, I’ve never managed to fall in love with a houseplant the same way I fall in love with a perennial or a sunflower or a beet. Not sure why, but I’ve always kind of wondered.

Cyclamen Time

It’s officially cyclamen season here, and there are thousands of the things planted around Rapallo these days.

Vertical Gardening for Accessibility

Courtesy MSU Extension Service/ Gary Bachman Window boxes placed on a stepladder-type stand is a verticle gardening technique that allows gardeners to water and harvest their plants without bending over. Some gardeners depend on the popular urban farming concept of vertical gardening not only to save space but to allow greater accessibility to their plants. As […]

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