Potato Ramp Tart

Transition from winter’s comfort foods to using spring’s first produce with this recipe that lies somewhere in between.

Crispy Fries: Use up Last Year’s Potato Harvest

We thought we ate through last year’s entire potato crop. We started fantasizing over those first new Red Norlands to come in early summer, but then we found another bag of last fall’s Yukon Golds in the root cellar starting to sprout.

Healthy Potato-skin Bar

Let your kids run the dinnertime show by allowing them to prepare a bar of their favorite potato-skin toppings.

Recipe: Warm Sweet-Potato Salad

You’re bound to have a little extra of something from your garden, so why not use them to make this warm, sweet-potato salad?

Crispy Comfort Food: Loaded Baked Potato Skins

These early days of winter—with garden duties fading and the first cold winds causing us to crave classic comfort foods—inspired us to get creative with our bumper potato crop this week.

Smoky Hand-cut Baked Fries

The smoky, spicy flavor of these homemade fries is even more delicious when paired with homemade ketchup.

Real Food Thanksgiving

It is always my intent to harvest from the garden year-round. I plant plenty of root crops, like beets, turnips, radishes and others, so I can keep harvesting for as long as possible.

It’s Cornish Pasty Time

Traditionally filled with sirloin-steak cubes, onions, potatoes and rutabagas, all wrapped by a tasty crust, the Cornish pasty were the miners’ version of a hearty take-out meal.

Independence Day Special: Patriotic Potatoes

Thanks to the heat waves across country, including our part of southwestern Wisconsin, we’re digging up our beautiful Norland Red potatoes today to celebrate Independence Day from both a local-food and renewable-energy perspective.

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