On my quest to find a great story for Chickens magazine, I found some great flocks.

Montbretia – The Beautiful Weed

Photo by Rick Gush This blooming montbretia brightens up my every corner in my garden. Don’t take weeds for granted. At the moment, my favorite plant in my garden at the moment is a weed from South Africa called montbretia, or crocosmia. Sure, we are now enjoying our annual flood of squash, tomatoes, beans and […]

Urban Farming in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam last week for two days of meetings, so my wife and I tacked our summer vacation onto the trip.


Innovation and progression are the key to a successful agricultural future.

Weeds: To Pull or Not to Pull?

Photo by Rick Gush The view of this “weed garden” from my office might not look pretty to some but, to me, I see a resilient, amazing patch of plants. Weeds are pretty cool plants. We gardeners spend a lot of our time fighting weeds, but there is a lot to appreciate in these “enemies.” […]


Photo by Rick Gush Here is one of the many passionflowers growing wild around Italy. I’ve always been surprised that the nursery and landscape industry doesn’t offer more passionflower vines for sales. The vines grow like weeds and are actually considered an invasive pest in some areas. For home gardeners, passionflower vines can be used to […]

Garden Where You Can

Maria tends an 8-foot-wide by 50-yard-long strip that is wedged between the main road and a 15-foot drop.