Torches in the Garden

It’s gray-weather time here in Rapallo, and on good days we all walk around wearing long underwear and a bunch of jackets. I haven’t worked in the garden for at least a month now because it’s not so much fun when everything is cold and wet.

It Was a Merry Christmas!

This Christmas Eve, I was finally able to write my blog from my new office. This move has been a long, arduous and expensive enterprise, but I think it’s all been worth the trouble.


My wife and I went out for lunch the other day to a restaurant that serves local Ligurian specialties. The key dish was farinata.

The Dogs of Rapallo

Another item on the long list of things that I like about life here in Rapallo is the fact that there are a whole lot of dogs to play with on the streets.

Cyclamen Time

It’s officially cyclamen season here, and there are thousands of the things planted around Rapallo these days.

My Waterfall and My Truck

Photo by Rick Gush  After years living in the desert, I delight in living next to this waterfall. One of the things I really like about living here in Liguria, Italy, is having lots of water features near my garden. I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years before moving here, and I still get […]

The Inheritance

The adventure at the new office/studio continues. One of the nifty parts is that I have inherited a whole lot of old stuff. I’m a junk fiend, and the stuff in my space that was left by the owner is treasure to me.

Moving Time

Photo by Rick Gush Moving these boxes—all 360 of them—down the cliff is going to be a real challenge. I’d enjoy being able to recount the marvelous work that I’ve done in the garden this week, but it just ain’t so. Instead, I’ve been moving my office/workshop. (Well, I did at least manage to plant […]

Flowers in the Vegetable Garden

The flowers in the garden look pretty nice this week. The big splashes of color are particularly welcome at this time of year, when the crop plantings are no so spectacular yet.

Mystery of the Unripe Grapes

Photo by Rick Gush The majority of my grapes this year look like this—unripe—and I can’t figure out why. I’m throwing in the towel: My grapes are not going to ripen this year. The vine is loaded, and there were hundreds of bunches hanging in the sunshine, but only about 5 percent or less of the […]