Blooms for Beneficials

If you have any extra room to grow on your farm, consider filling it with plants that naturally support beneficial insects.

Crop Profile: Microgreens

Flavor-packed and easy to grow, microgreens make a great addition to your growing plant—and your menu.

American goldfinch

American Goldfinches

When the perennial borders do well, so do the American goldfinches. This year is no exception.

Beefy Broccoli

How we grow strong, abundant broccoli during the winter in Italy.

Strategize Spring Gardens

With a little forethought and planning, it’s possible to get the garden started right now.

Time to Transplant

I finally got around to transplanting all the seedlings growing on my new grow-light stand. They look so great!

Spring Seed Starting

I know that spring is just around the corner because the chickens have started to lay again. That’s always a good sign. There are, of course, other indications that spring is nearly here.

Favorite Seed Catalogs

The seed catalogs have really started rolling in, now, and it’s so exciting. I was talking with some fellow gardeners yesterday about their favorite catalogs and about some of the new varieties they are looking forward to trying this year.

Taking Control of Witchweed

Farmers and officials in the Carolinas work together to combat witchweed, which is devastating the area’s prime crops.

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