How to Card Wool

Process fiber from your farm flock with this simple cleaning and carding method.

Bottle Baby Fever – Part 1

Mom has bottle baby fever, but don’t send her get well cards! It means she’s waiting for a bottle baby to be born. His name will be Milo.

Wool It Be – Part 2

Last week, I told you some of the cool things Uzzi and I learned about wool and sheep. Here are some more things to know.

Wool It Be – Part 1

Yesterday, the little girl lambs came to visit Uzzi and me. They giggled and nudged one another and then Grace, the spokeslamb asked, “You goats look funny. Why don’t you have wool?”

Acting Weird!

Mom thinks we animals are acting weird. For instance, Ursula, the fat, black ewe, is in passionate love with me. Yes, really! She strolls past 10 grumbling rams to purr and bat her eyes at me. (That’s where the phrase “making sheep eyes” comes from.)

2011 Livestock Population Trends

The global human population reached 7 billion this month, but world food organizations wonder if livestock production can keep up.

Donkeys Guard, Too

When I told Ishtar, our donkey, that I wrote about Feyza and livestock guardian dogs in my blog, she tossed her head and said, “Humph, donkeys guard, too!” Uzzi and I looked at each other. Ishtar hangs out with the horses and sometimes even chases the sheep.

Steve the Farm Dog

Last week, when I wrote about our livestock guardian dog, Feyza, David from Omaha left a nice comment about general purpose farm dogs. (Thank you, David.) We have one of those, too. His name is Steve.

Oak (Again)

You know how much we goats love yummy acorns, but did you know oak leaves are us goats’ favorite summer treat? That worried Mom for a long time because many toxic-plant lists say oak is poisonous.

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