Christmas Traditions – Part 1

Christmas is coming, and Uzzi and I are excited! We wonder what we’ll get for Christmas this year. Maybe a plate of Martok’s Tasty Tidbits to share with my family. Yum!


This week is Thanksgiving, a time of year when people are grateful for the good things in their lives. But gratitude is something to be felt year-round. Counting blessings makes people feel good.

Talking Turkey

Next week will be Thanksgiving, and we can hardly wait! Mom makes treats for all of us animals and adds raisins and chopped apples to our food. Yum!

That Darned Kerla!

Kerla and my mate, Bon Bon, are having kids! Mom is annoyed, but not half as much as I am. Last week, Mom was working on her computer when she heard buck blubbering just outside the door.

Winter Predictions

Yesterday it was cold, wet and windy. Uzzi and I huddled in our normally comfy Port-a-Hut and chattered our teeth. Our winter undercoats aren’t grown in. We aren’t ready for winter yet.

Economical Horsekeeping – Part 1

Our mom is in between regular books, so she’s trying something new. She’s writing ebooks! She’s halfway through her first project, a book called Economical Horse Keeping; Buying and Keeping a Horse without Going Broke that she’s been thinking about writing for years.


Last week, we goats were lying in the shade, chewing cud. When I mentioned I’d blogged about the wartime exploits of William de Goat, King Neptune and Sergeant Bill, my daughter Emony said, “What about Nan? She was a wartime hero, too!”

Spider Silk

Yesterday morning, Mom went in the feed room to fetch our yummy breakfast. Uzzi and I licked our lips. But then she shrieked and rushed out of the feed house, frantically brushing her face with her hands. She’d walked into a spider web again.

More About Eggs

Last week, I told you some of the weird things Uzzi and I learned about eggs. We also learned some things that aren’t so crazy.