BLT Soup

Take the traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato from sandwich to soup with this recipe.

Container Garden Obscurity

In addition to getting the veggie garden planted, I’ve also filled my patio containers with a mixture of herbs, tropicals, succulents and annuals.

Gaga for Ground Cherries

One of the crops I am most looking forward to growing from seed for the first time this year is ground cherries. I first tasted them a few years ago while visiting a friend’s farm.

Explore Farmers’ Markets While Traveling

Make farmers’ markets a priority on your travel agenda and you’ll save money (no admission fees), go green (most markets showcase seasonal, sustainable products) and support local (slap that cash directly in the farmer’s hand).

Disease-Resistant Tomatoes

Excerpt from the Popular Farming Series magabook Organic Farm & Garden with permission from its publisher, BowTie magazines, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Organic Farm & Garden here.   America’s favorite backyard crop, tomatoes, is a favorite food for pests. The tomato plant can fall prey to insects, slugs and fungal diseases, so tomatoes need […]

Four Tomato Plant Pests

Discover these four tomato plant pests and how you can get rid of them without resorting to pesticides.

CO2 Could Increase Tomato Growth

Scientists at Fresno State who are investigating the use of carbon-dioxide enrichment on open-field crops enter their second year of research.

Bagged Tomatoes

You’ve bagged tomatoes in the supermarket, but have you ever bagged tomatoes on the bush? I did this past week when the garden was threatened with an early frost. I was able to cover peppers and raspberry canes with plastic used earlier this year on high tunnels. However, when it came to my 8-foot tall Early Girl tomato, I was stymied.