Jumpstart Your Garden

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Before growing season officially begins, visit your local garden center to pick up discounted garden supplies and experiment with plant arrangements. The onslaught of gardening catalogs arriving in the mail can be a welcome reprieve from dreary winter conditions, offering hope for the impending gardening seasons. But along with the promise of spring […]

Sweet Charlotte

Until I met her, I hadn’t cared much for pigs. Now I’m crazy about Charlotte.

The Amazing Olivia

Photo by Audrey Pavia The Amazing Olivia is quite the hunter Most urban farmers aren’t too concerned with rodent control. A mouse in the house is more of a problem for us urban types than a mouse in the grain room for rural farmers. But as my friend Lisa’s dog Olivia showed me, urban farms […]

Want Apples? Plan Now

If you are considering apple trees for your urban farm, find out now if your plan is viable. As you scan that stack of mail-order seed catalogs and websites for ideas for this year’s garden, don’t overlook the potential value an apple tree (or several) could add to your urban farm. Developing a home apple […]

Cats in the Pantry

At my urban farm, I have four cats who live in the house. Two of them—Cheddar and Stanley—are real terrors, and truly make life a challenge.


University of Kentucky Solar House

Students from the University of Kentucky built a solar house for the 2009 Solar Decathlon with sustainability and liveability in mind.

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