Oh, So That’s Why We’re Doing This!

  For all those people who told you urban farming isn’t “real” farming or said your operation was too small to make a difference or earn an income, you now have something to fight back with. Nearly a fifth of the world’s food come from city farms, and more than 800 million people are growing […]

Urban Farmers May Get a Tax Break

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock A new bill proposed in Salt Lake City will give urban farmers a tax break. Urban farmers in Salt Lake City, Utah, might soon be receiving tax breaks on their property. SB22, the measure that will allow this to happen, was sent to the House, thanks to a 29-0 Senate vote. […]

Urban-farming Apprenticeships

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock Urban-farming apprenticeships are popping up all over the country. Would-be farmers have a new way to hone their skills while helping to increase access to fresh produce in urban communities: urban-farming apprenticeship programs. They’ve been cropping up across the country with mounting frequency for the past few years, offering specialized, hands-on […]

Growing for Good

Photo courtesy Growing Cities Filmmakers Dan Susman (right) and Andrew Monbouquette (left) traveled the country looking for urban farming. Article first published in Urban Farm November/December 2011. From children swiftly entering their teenage years to small towns hastily developing into cities, growth — and change — happens within a blink of an eye. But a […]

An Inspired Read

Photo courtesy of www.breakingthroughconcrete.com Breaking Through Concrete shows the diversity of urban agriculture throughout the U.S. When David Hanson and Edwin Marty realized that most of their recent conversations revolved around the popularity of urban farms, the pair decided the trend was worth writing about. “We decided to put together a book proposal to take […]

Food Bank Farm

Photo courtesy Food Bank  for Westchester Food Bank for Westchester grows crops that are nutritionally dense and long-lasting. In my cosmopolitan county, it’s hard to imagine that 200,000 go hungry daily. Douglass DeCandia, 25, is a young neighbor who is working to address this problem with the Food Bank for Westchester by growing produce to feed […]

Fighting Homelessness with Sustainability

Courtesy Institute for Human Services Hawaii As part of the urban farming initiative at the Institute for Human Services Hawaii, residents grow vertical gardens, which provide food for the emergency shelter and help lower the building’s cooling costs. The state of Hawaii depends significantly on imported foods, due in large part to the high property […]

Urban Farming to Get Corporate Boost

Courtesy Stock.XCHNG Two New York developers have teamed up to take the city’s urban farming to a larger scale, and they’re paying attention to sustainability in the process. New York is better known for Times Square and Central Park than food production and urban farming, but two developers are looking to change that. Full Spectrum […]

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