What Is Hügelkultur?

Build healthy soil your garden can rock out in with this German compost technique.

About Farm Insurance

You want to protect your small farm from legal trouble, but navigating the insurance world can be tricky. Here are the basics you need to know.


Photo by Audrey Pavia This little thing will be all grown up soon, and I can’t wait to watch the process. My chicks are now almost 2 weeks old, and I can’t believe how fast they have grown. A day of so after hatching, the smallest one couldn’t jump 2 inches from the outside pen […]

Kangal Dogs

The Kangal is a very active dog breed with protective instincts whose talents are most commonly used as a livestock guardian.

Manx Rumpy Chickens

The dual-purpose Manx Rumpy earned its name during the 20th century, when a farmer saw a resemblance between the chicken breed and the tailless Manx cat.

Catalana Chickens

The Catalana chicken is a dual-purpose breed. Hens are non-broody layers of 150 plus medium to large, white- to light-tinted eggs yearly.

Holland Chickens

The rare Holland chicken is a wonderful dual-purpose breed that thrives in a free-range environment.

Iowa Blue Chickens

The nearly extinct Iowa Blue chicken breed has great dual-purpose qualities.

Lamona Chickens

The Lamona is an extremely rare dual-purpose chicken. Hens are recorded as laying as many as 268 large, white eggs per year.