Goats in the City

Ingela Wanerstrand introduces us to the two goats she keeps in her backyard in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.


Andalusions are fairly quiet and tolerant of confinement, making them a good backyard chicken.


The Alpine is a hardy goat known for its adaptability in different climates.

LaMancha goat


This medium-sized goat is known for being quiet and gentle.

Nubian goat


Nubians are on the large size, so they need more room than smaller breeds. They do well in warm climates and have a longer breeding season than many other goats.

Oberhasli goat


Oberhasli does tend to be dominant when kept in a mixed-breed herd.

Nigerian Dwarf goat

Nigerian Dwarf

Because of their small size and easy-going personality, they do well on urban farms. Their milk is high in butterfat.

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