Nubian goat


Nubians are on the large size, so they need more room than smaller breeds. They do well in warm climates and have a longer breeding season than many other goats.

Oberhasli goat


Oberhasli does tend to be dominant when kept in a mixed-breed herd.

Nigerian Dwarf goat

Nigerian Dwarf

Because of their small size and easy-going personality, they do well on urban farms. Their milk is high in butterfat.


Andalusions are fairly quiet and tolerant of confinement, making them a good backyard chicken.


The Alpine is a hardy goat known for its adaptability in different climates.

LaMancha goat


This medium-sized goat is known for being quiet and gentle.

Myotonic Goats

Raising and understanding Myotonic goats. The curious, docile nature of Myotonic goats only adds to their appeal.

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