Companion Planting

In a world of monocrops and monoculture, the age-old gardening technique of companion planting — the practice of arranging symbiotic plants in close proximity to one another — is more important than ever. Whether you have a small balcony with a few veggies in containers or several raised beds overflowing with foliage, companion planting is […]

Potager Gardening

Build a potager garden and enjoy fresh, delectable food just steps away from your kitchen.

Landscape Cloth Versus Hardware Cloth

Landscape Cloth Versus Hardware Cloth – Urban Farm Onlinelandscape cloth, hardware cloth, animal pens, compost bins, block weeds, block grassUrban farmers use two types of cloths: landscape cloth and hardware cloth.A primary use of landscape cloth is to suppress grass if you’re building a raised bed directly on top of the lawn. growing cropsLandscape Cloth […]

urban farming lessons

5 Urban Farming Lessons

Take these five lessons from the top of the urban-farm food chain to improve your backyard, rooftop, patio or community garden.

small greenhouse

Growing in a Small-Scale Greenhouse

When I was a little girl, my mother’s glasshouse was an oasis in the seemingly endless, waterlogged, Northwestern winters. The bright lights and heat canceled any chill, and the smells of humidity, soil and new growth were invigorating for the body and soul. It was an escape from the cold reality of winter into the […]

How to Start Vertical Gardening

Try growing beans vertical by guiding them up a trellis. If you’ve ever longed for a lush garden full of vegetables but have put that dream aside because you live on a 1/4-acre lot or in a high-rise condo, you might be surprised to know that your high hopes really can blossom. Vertical-gardening techniques can […]

Dry-climate Growing

Courtesy Stock.XCHNG When containter gardening in dry climates, choose plastic or glazed pots, which retain more moisture than terra-cotta pots. Also, add a saucer under each pot, so excess water can be used later. When I moved from the Pacific Northwest to Colorado, I brought along my gardening tools — but I was ill-equipped for […]