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Cherie Langlois

Cherie Langlois

Cherie Langlois graduated from University of Washington with a B.A. in zoology and a dream of becoming a zookeeper. Life is funny, though: Following seven years spent feeding—and cleaning up after—birds, wolves, cougars and other amazing creatures, she discovered the joys (and pains) of motherhood. At that point she detoured into a more flexible career as a freelance writer and photographer.

Cherie's life-long love of animals (some might call it an addiction of sorts) and a growing farm menagerie nudged her toward specializing in pet and farming topics, and led to a lucky assignment for Hobby Farms in 2002. Since then, she has shared her hobby-farming experiences, adventures, and foibles in the “Lessons Learned” column of Hobby Farm Home, which debuted in 2006, and written about the delights and nitty-gritty of duck-keeping in her book, Hobby Farms Ducks. Although she writes mainly for Hobby Farm Home, Dog Fancy, Urban Farm and Chickens these days, Cherie has had more 200 hundred articles published in magazines like Cat Fancy, Horse & Rider and Parenting in her 17 years as a freelancer. Her photography has appeared in Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home, Chickens and other publications.

An avid hiker, slow runner and fair-weather cyclist, Cherie writes from a 5-acre hobby farm in soggy western Washington, where she lives with her wonderful (and tolerant) husband Brett. She welcomes visits from their urban-dwelling daughter, Kelsey, who is now in college. As in her zookeeper days, Cherie continues to spend large chunks of time feeding—and cleaning up after—animals, including two dogs, three cats, a house bunny, three Jacob sheep, a goat, a horse and assorted poultry. In her sad attempts to grow a green thumb, Cherie also abuses … er, tends … a vegetable garden each year, along with herbs, fruit trees and blueberries. Her secrets to surviving the long, gray Puget Sound rainy season: good books; indoor creative pursuits, like spinning and knitting; and plenty of coffee and dark chocolate.               


How to Handle Broody Chickens
Got a broody hen in your flock? Use these tips for handling her with care.

Christmas Wish Lists for Hobby Farmers
The items that end up on the wish lists for hobby farmers seem to differ a bit from their city-dwelling kin: tractors, llamas and wells usurp DVD players, clothes and jewelry.

Holiday Crafts and Traditions
A few holiday crafts and other traditions shared by Hobby Farms editors.

Thanksgiving Shortcuts and Other Holiday Tips
To help ease your holiday planning, read a few tips--some common sense--and a few uncommon ideas, too.

Shepherding for Superior Wool
Do you want to get serious about getting quality wool from your sheep for wool production? Follow these tips from professional shepherds.

The Basics of Beekeeping
New Beekeepers: Learn the basics of keeping bees and harvesting honey.

Keeping a Healthy Hive
As a beekeeper you'll want a healthy hive for healthy bees; learn about bee stings and harvesting honey, too.

Organic Farming
Converting your farm from conventional to organic-farming methods is an important decision. Learn what's involved on a yearly basis.

Saying Healthy on the Farm: Tell us how you do it
How are you staying healthy and taking care of yourself on the farm? Any new resolutions or habits to share? Read some tips from Cherie Langlois and give us yours, too!

Hobby Farmer's Bag of Tricks
Put these veteran farmers’ tips to work on your hobby farm—no rabbit or top-hat required.



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