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Stephanie Staton, Editor

Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home
Stephanie Staton Stephanie Staton is the editor for Hobby Farms magazine, based in Lexington, Ky.

She became enamored with a good story from an early age and followed this passion for reading and writing in college, where she graduated with a degree in English and studied communication and graphic design. After graduating, she served as associate editor for the speech-recognition technology magazine Speech Technology before joining the Hobby Farm team. She started out as managing editor of the Popular Farming Series and associate editor of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home. In 2009, she began directing the editorial content for Hobby Farm Home and took over as editor for Hobby Farms in April 2011.

Stephanie’s upbringing gave her practical experience and understanding of farming. Spending many a summer day on her grandparents’ farm made for great exercise of her imagination and her skill sets on the farm. Chickens, cattle and horses were every bit a part of the landscape along with the hay baled each summer on her uncle’s neighboring land. Strawberry beds covered with cheesecloth produced brilliant-red berries that oozed down her chin during "taste-tests,” and corn stalks brushed her forehead as she helped lug buckets of corn and beans out of the garden. These memories evoke times of work and play that became the backbone of her sustainability ethic, giving her a sense of responsibility, pride and compassion for producing what she and her family eat as well as for caring for the animals that sustain them.

Stephanie currently lives just outside of Lexington, Ky., with her husband, son and two dogs, spending her spare time tending to her vegetable garden, canning and freezing food, and doing other garden- and cooking-related activities.


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How to Make a Terrarium
Easy to make and maintain, terrariums are an excellent way to keep your hands working with plants in the garden off-season.

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When you hear the buzzing of bees near your home in spring, you may want to shoo them away. Instead, learn the steps to get visiting bees to set up shop elsewhere.



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