The Anatomy Of A Honeybee

Much of the success of the honeybee’s work is thanks to its expertly designed body.

Kristina Urquhart

4 Ways To Fight Off Wax Moths

Wax moths may be more benign than most hive invaders, but that doesn’t mean beekeepers should be complacent about fighting them off.

worker bees

Bee Spotlight: The Worker

Throughout a worker bee’s lifespan, it can adopt several roles in the hive that keep the colony functioning smoothly.

queen bee

Bee Spotlight: The Queen

The honeybee queen personifies strength, endurance, perseverance and harmony, making her an amazing and respectable guiding force of the hive.

bee hive

Fighting Nosema In Your Hive

Attacking your bees’ intestinal tracts, nosema will weaken your hive and leave you without honey this spring.