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Mopple's Place from Mammoth Spring, AR
Mopple's Place

Farm Name: Mopple's Place

Year Farm Established: 2009

Location: Mammoth Spring, AR

Years I’ve been farming: 6 years

Animals I raise: Just me.

Crops I grow: I don't grow them, I eat them.

Hobbies I enjoy: Lying in the shade and ruminating; eating (anything)

Club/Associations memberships: I'm a sheep! I don't belong to clubs

The proudest moment on my farm: For me? I'm a pretty proud sheep. There have been lots of proud moments.

Farm Motto: I'm a sheep. I love it. Don't knock it.

Farm Blog
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  Hey Mopple! Does your mom have problems with mushrooms? We' ve had so many nice rains that they are taking over. It's becoming quiet a battle keeping the rascals at bay. I heard that they can make you guys sick.

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07/07/2011 06:41.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Ursula and Dixie
Ursula and Dixie are doing great!

Ursula got upset today, though, because she brought Dixie out in the yard and while Ursula was grazing, Dixie followed Wren (she's another ewe who has lambs) back into the sheep shelter.

When our human mom came out and asked Ursula where her lamb was, Ursula went ballistic. She ran around baahing until a little, high-pitched baah came from the shelter. It was Dixie. Ursula rushed in and they were reunited. It must be hard to be a mom--even when you're a sheep!


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06/20/2011 07:37.57 PM Report This Comment  
  how are Ursula and the new baby?

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06/17/2011 04:59.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Ursula update!
Ursula, she's one of my Classic/Miniature Cheviot friends, is supposed to have her lamb today. But she isn't; her udder hasn't even gotten full yet. That's strange because she usually lambs on or a day or two before or after her due date. Not this year!

It's still very, very hot (97 degrees yesterday afternoon). Ursula's mom, Baannie, and arthritic old Angel the Wiltshire Horn, are staying with Ursula. They have two big stalls with an attached round pen and they come out in the yard every morning to graze. But by noon, all three are lying in the stall with a fan blowing cool air on them. It isn't fair! I need a fan too!

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06/10/2011 04:46.12 AM Report This Comment  

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06/07/2011 06:35.49 AM Report This Comment  
Mom buys Blue-Kote at the farm store in town but she's seen it at places like TSC and especially at tack shops. It's an old remedy; she used it on her horses when she was a teenager!

There used to be a yellow, powdery product called Furox that she liked better but it's been taken off of the market.

The Bad Thing about Blue-Kote is that the sprayers never seem to work right and Mom gets blue all over her hand (she would anyway, though, because she has to shield my eye with her hand so the spray doesn't get in my eye). It washes off but it takes a lot of soap!

Mopple (whose horn core is healing quite nicely)

Come visit me, Mopple's Place.

06/07/2011 06:06.26 AM Report This Comment  
  You have a cool farm!!!

Come visit me, Horses, ponys, equines everywhere!.

06/06/2011 07:06.23 PM Report This Comment  
  o-l-d... ha Mopple, you are never too old for dreams. Be swure to tell Mom thanks for the compliment on my sweethearts. And maybe you could ask her where she gets blue-kote...I have seen it on line but not in any of our local places.

Come visit me, LuckyEwe Farm.

06/06/2011 03:22.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hurt horns
Mom knows about hurt horns because my friend Othello the Scottish Blackface ram lost one of his horn sheaths when he was just a little lamb. The nice people in Wisconsin who raised him told Mom about Blue-Kote. They also said the horn sheath would grow back--and it did! I'll look for some pictures of Othello's horns today.

Horn injuries are pretty nasty. That's because horns are rich in blood vessels. Most of my friends are polled because they're Classic/Miniature Cheviots. I am the only sheep who has scurs and only Othello and old Angel (who is mostly Wiltshire Horn) have real horns.

All of the Boer goats have horns. Three of the Nubian wethers and Teasel the Spanish doe have them too (Teasel's horns are huge!). So far, in 7 years, no one has broken one off!

Mom says to tell you she loves your Jacobs. One of her dreams was to bring Hebridean sheep to North America. They are an endangered breed that look like Jacobs except they're black. But (don't tell her I said this), she's getting o-l-d (64!), so it isn't very likely to happen.


Come visit me, Mopple's Place.

06/06/2011 03:44.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Horn sheath
Oh Mopple! I am so very sorry about your injury. Since our sheep are Jacobs, they all have horns. I agree with your Mom, yours are quiet charming.
Our your Ram, Matiah, recently broke one of his horns.
It was so heart breaking. Luckily your Mom knew what to do. Our little one had to put up with my fumbling through a first aid book while juggling the kit in the other hand. After a while he was securely bandaged,
and on his way to healing. I've never seen an injury with so much blood. As scary as it is for humans- It must really terrify a sweet little lamb. Hope you are well again soon.

Come visit me, LuckyEwe Farm.

06/05/2011 01:33.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Thank ewe, Lucky Ewe
Mom says thank ewe too.

Guess what happened?! The sheath over my left horn scur came off! Boy, did that hurt and did it bleed. Mom put Blue-Kote on the core to help heal it and keep flies away. Now we wonder if the sheath will regrow? Sheep of my breeds aren't encouraged to have horns or scurs but Mom thought mine were/are cute.

It's very hot already here today. The goats went out to graze but we sheep stayed up in the yard in the shade.


Come visit me, Mopple's Place.

06/05/2011 07:03.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Mopple, I love your sense of humor, bet you got that from your Mom. I like reading her stuff too.

Come visit me, LuckyEwe Farm.

06/04/2011 02:27.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Fonzie of goats
That's because all the does except one (Amelia is still faithful to Martok) have swooned over Kerla since he was just a little baby. Martok wrote about it in one of his blogs.

Kerla says he is a babe magnet. Martok says he is a pain in the--well, you know.


Come visit me, Mopple's Place.

06/04/2011 05:45.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Welcome Mopple
Love your description "the Fonzie of goats"!

Come visit me, My Wyoming Home, Santa Sara Ranch, WyoCowgirl's Santa Sara Ranch & Santa Sara Ranch (Coming Soon).

06/04/2011 05:01.46 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Larkshire Farm.

06/03/2011 12:54.07 PM Report This Comment  
  I'm blogging!
Mom's old Hobby Farms blogs were obsolete, so she took them down and said I could start a new one. This is it!

My name is Mopple. I'm named after a clever sheep in Leonie Swann's great book, Three Bags Full; a Sheep Mystery. That Mopple was a Merino ram but I'm a 2 year old 3/4 Dorper and 1/4 Katahdin wether.

I was a bottle baby and was raised on fresh goat milk. My first friends were goats. I used to live with a young buck named Kerla ("the Fonzie of goats") and Kerla's wethered friend Edmund. The other buck, Martok (you can read his weekly blog right here at Hobby farms Online), says I am a "sheep geep". But I'm truly all sheep.

I'll be back from time to time to tell you what's afoot in my life. Watch for updates!


Come visit me, Mopple's Place.

06/03/2011 04:35.07 AM Report This Comment  


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