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The popularity of egg-laying, meat-providing and easily entertaining chickens is on the rise—again. What once was commonplace on most farms and in city backyards is finding a new generation of people who want to reclaim their attachment to nature and become more sustainable. Chickens magazine, brought to you by the editors of Hobby Farms, provides a wealth of information on these backyard poultry.



Chickens magazine

Chicken Information
Row of chickens

Chicken Information

If what you find inside the covers of Chickens magazine isn’t enough, check out these online articles for more great chicken-keeping information.


Egg Yolk icon 6 Coop-winterizing Chores
As fall’s chill descends on your chickens, make sure to perform these winter-prep chores to keep your flock safe and warm.
Egg Yolk icon Layer Chicken Behaviors
From broodiness to distinctive vocalizations, know what to expect from your layer hens.
Egg Yolk icon Proper Chicken-carcass Disposal
Prevent disease in your flock by following these steps when discarding chicken carcasses.
Egg Yolk icon Laying Hens are Good to Eat
A layer hen that no longer gives eggs can be processed as a meat chicken. Find out how one couple does it.
Egg Yolk icon Prevent Frostbite
When temperatures drop, keep your flock warm with these tips.
Egg Yolk icon 7 Necessities for Healthy Chicks
Raise happy, healthy chicks with these tips for success.
Egg Yolk icon The Business of Selling Eggs
An overabundance of eggs could mean a good time to jumpstart a new farm business.
Egg Yolk icon Chicken Curriculum
Use chickens to teach your kids subject from English and history to math and science.
Egg Yolk icon How to Prevent Chicken Diseases
Use these tips for chicken care to keep your flock healthy.
Egg Yolk icon More than Molt?
Irregular feather loss in your chickens could mean pest problems or sick chickens.
Chicken information

Chicken Breed Profiles
Dark feathered chicken

Chicken Breed Profiles

Whether you want layers, broilers or dual-purpose chickens, standard size or bantam breeds, the chicken breed profiles will help you find the right bird for your flock.


Chicken breed profiles

Chicken Forums
Baby chicks

Chicken Forums

Do you have a chicken-related question? Want to share your chicken knowledge with the world? Maybe you just want to brag about your flock. Head over to the Hobby Farms chicken forum to connect with other chicken keepers.

Chicken Forums

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