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Equine Breeds

Donkeys Equine Livestock Profile Donkeys: Valued since ancient times, donkeys are strong and hardy creatures that make fine riding and draft animals. With their extra-large ears and short upright manes, they’re also known for their intelligence or tendency to stop and think before they act. Read about the donkey breeds. More >>
Horses Equine Livestock Profile Horses: A rural-living essential for many hobby farmers, horses really do come in a multitude of colors—and uses. Consider the type of horse you need for your farm, whether for work or pleasure. See all the horse profiles. More >>
Mules Equine Livestock Profile Mules: Most often the result of the breeding of a male donkey to a mare, mules are infertile. Healthier and stronger than other equines, mules can be trained to do many of the same things—including jumping—that horses can. Read about mules. More >>

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Information on over 200 horse breeds