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American Cream and White Horses Equine Livestock Profile American Cream and White Horses: The history of this mainly riding horse began with the birth of colt with a pure white coat, though the colors vary today. More >>
American Morgan Horses Equine Livestock Profile American Morgan Horses: One of the mounts used by Civil War soldiers, Morgans are an ideal horse for showing, drill teams and even police horses. More >>
American Saddlebred Horses Equine Livestock Profile American Saddlebred Horses: The elegant Saddlebred, used mainly as a show horse, has a long interesting history in America. More >>
Appaloosa Horses Equine Livestock Profile Appaloosa Horses: The popular, versatile Appaloosa got its start in the Pacific Northwest. More >>
Arabian Horses Equine Livestock Profile Arabian Horses: Best known for their endurance, Arabians were once the main transportation for the Bedouin tribesmen of Arabia. More >>
Belgian Horses Equine Livestock Profile Belgian Horses: Once used to carry soldiers into war, the classic heavy Belgian horse is used primarily for draft purposes. More >>
British Shetland Ponies Equine Livestock Profile British Shetland Ponies: The British Shetland pony hails from the Shetland Islands off northern Scotland. Small equines have inhabited the islands since the Bronze Age. It’s believed British Shetland ponies are related to a cob type of Tundra pony and a mountain pony type from southern Europe crossed with an Oriental horse. More >>
Caspian Horses Equine Livestock Profile Caspian Horses: Caspian horses are slim, elegant small horses ideally suited for driving and for small adult or young riders. Their beauty, background and rarity make them a favorite horse breed among wealthy, equine rare-breed conservators. . More >>
Chincoteague Pony Equine Livestock Profile Chincoteague Pony: Tamed by farmers who lived on Chincoteague Island, these ponies can frequently be seen in various horse competitions. More >>
Cleveland Bay Horses Equine Livestock Profile Cleveland Bay Horses: Hearty, intelligent Cleveland Bays are most well known as carriage and driving horses--and work well on teams. They are critically rare, with only 200 alive in the United States. More >>
Clydesdale Horses Equine Livestock Profile Clydesdale Horses: The iconic Clydesdale is a draft and driving horse that is also frequently used in shows, exhibitions--and even on trails. More >>
Colonial Spanish Horses Equine Livestock Profile Colonial Spanish Horses: The versatile, but endangered Colonial Spanish horse, brought to the Pacific Northwest by Spanish Conquistadors, became the mount for Native Americans. More >>
Exmoor Pony Equine Livestock Profile Exmoor Pony: While traditionally used to tend and herd livestock, because of their hardiness, they excel at trail, endurance, harness and as children’s mounts. More >>
Hackney Horse Horses Equine Livestock Profile Hackney Horse Horses: Mainly a show horse, the Hackney was a popular driving horse in England and the United States in the late 1880s. More >>
Irish Draught Horses Equine Livestock Profile Irish Draught Horses: Thought to originate from the chariot horses of the Roman Empire, the Irish Draught are considered top jumping and eventing horses. More >>
Miniature Horses Equine Livestock Profile Miniature Horses: The Miniature horse can be used to drive small carts and also kept as a pet or companion to other animals. More >>
Missouri Fox Trotter Horses Equine Livestock Profile Missouri Fox Trotter Horses: Used early on as work horses, Missouri Fox Trotters may now be seen in shows; they're also a common pleasure horse. More >>
Mountain Pleasure Horses Equine Livestock Profile Mountain Pleasure Horses: The sturdy, calm Mountain Pleasure horse is a rare breed that has been used mainly as a family horse. More >>
Mustang Horses Equine Livestock Profile Mustang Horses: Sporting a variety of looks, the Mustang is one of the first wild horse breeds in North America. Controversy still surrounds their living in the wild. More >>
Nokota Horses Equine Livestock Profile Nokota Horses: Nokotas can excel as both trail and work horses. These rare horses have a square-set, angular frame. More >>
Paint Horses Equine Livestock Profile Paint Horses: The versatile Paints, mainly used for trail riding and western shows, have an interesting history. More >>
Percheron Horses Equine Livestock Profile Percheron Horses: Mainly used as heavy draft work horses on farms, Percherons also can be ridden and shown; the breed was first developed in Medieval France to carry knights into battle. More >>
Quarter Horses Equine Livestock Profile Quarter Horses: The Quarter Horse is a versatile breed, used for everything from trail riding to dressage. The American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world. More >>
Rocky Mountain Horses Equine Livestock Profile Rocky Mountain Horses: Used in open-gaited horse shows, the Rocky Mountain Horse actually got its start in Kentucky, used to plow fields, herd cattle, travel over steep and rugged trails, and drive the buggy. More >>
Shire Horses Equine Livestock Profile Shire Horses: The very large Shires are popular and skillful draft animals. More >>
Standardbred Horses Equine Livestock Profile Standardbred Horses: Longer and more muscular than Thoroughbreds, the Standardbred, is primarly used in harness racing. More >>
Suffolk Horses Equine Livestock Profile Suffolk Horses: The large, easy-going Suffoks can be used for heavy hauling. More >>
Tennessee Walking Horses Equine Livestock Profile Tennessee Walking Horses: Tennesee Walking Horses have a long history in America; they're an ideal for performance and pleasure showing, as well as general riding. More >>
Thoroughbred Horses Equine Livestock Profile Thoroughbred Horses: Developed in England for racing, Thoroughbreds are still among the fasted horses bred. More >>

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