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Goat Breeds

Alpine Goats Other Livestock Profile Alpine Goats: Alpine goats excel as dairy animals in commercial operations and on small farms, producing a high volume of milk over a long lactation period.  Their milk has a good protein and butterfat content, lending itself well to cheese production. Photo by Rhoda Peacher. More >>
Boer Goats Other Livestock Profile Boer Goats: The heavy-framed, large-boned Boer is a popular meat goat. They cross well with Kikos. More >>
Kiko Goats Other Livestock Profile Kiko Goats: Kikos can thrive in rough conditions while producing meat efficiently. They cross well with Boers. More >>
Kinder Goats Other Livestock Profile Kinder Goats: The Kinder goat’s combination of compact size, excellent feed conversion, and high production of quality milk with a high protein and butterfat content makes it a terrific addition to the small farm.  More >>
LaMancha Goats Other Livestock Profile LaMancha Goats: The only dairy goat breed to be developed in America, the distinctive LaMancha goat probably arose from the short-eared goats that accompanied early Spanish missionaries to California. More >>
Myotonic Goats Other Livestock Profile Myotonic Goats: The first records of the Myotonic goat breed indicate it was first bred as a meat goat, and it remains so today. More >>
Nigerian Dwarf Goats Other Livestock Profile Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Nigerian Dwarf goats are perfectly scaled miniature dairy goats. Nigerian Dwarfs give up to two quarts of 6- to 10-percent butterfat milk per day. More >>
Nubian Goats Other Livestock Profile Nubian Goats: Often referred to as the “Jersey” of the dairy goat world, the Nubian goat produces a creamy milk with a high butterfat and protein content, ideal for creating cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and soap. More >>
Oberhasli Goats Other Livestock Profile Oberhasli Goats: Oberhasli produce a sweet-tasting milk with a butterfat content of around 3.5 to 4 percent. Their docile, quiet temperaments and medium size make them a wonderful breed for the farm dairy and for showing. More >>
Pygora Goats Other Livestock Profile Pygora Goats: The versatile Pygora goat grows one of three types of fleeces for spinners: Type A, Angora, dangles in long, lustrous, curly locks; Type B blends the Angora mohair with the soft Pygmy undercoat, called cashmere; and Type C, the Cashmere type. . More >>
Saanen Goats Other Livestock Profile Saanen Goats: Saanen (pronounced SAH-nen or SAW-nen) goats originated in the Saanen Valley of the canton of Bern in Switzerland, where they were selected for milking ability, hardiness, and color. Saanen average 1,975 to 2,000 pounds of 3 percent to 4 percent butterfat. More >>
San Clemente Island goats Other Livestock Profile San Clemente Island goats: San Clemente Island goats are one of the rarest goat breeds in North America. They are, at this time, primarily a conservation priority breed. Does give a reasonable amount of delicious, high-butterfat milk and could be milked as household dairy goats. More >>
Savanna Goats Other Livestock Profile Savanna Goats: Savanna goats are premier meat goats; they produce delicious, mild-tasting chevon and lots of it. While they resemble their Boer cousins in all but coloration, Savannas are hardier, making them ideal goats for low maintenance input operations. More >>
Spanish Goats Other Livestock Profile Spanish Goats: Some of the Spanish goat's colorful regional names suggest one of their primary uses: they're called "brush goats" and "briar goats" in the Carolinas, "wood goats" in Florida, "Hill goats" in Virginia, and "scrub goats" throughout their original range. More >>
Toggenburg Goats Other Livestock Profile Toggenburg Goats: Toggenburgs are marvelous dairy goats. A Toggenburg doe, GCH Western-Acres Zephyr Rosemary, currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for giving 9,110 pounds of milk amounting to nearly 1,140 gallons in 365 days. More >>

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