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American Blackbelly Sheep Other Livestock Profile American Blackbelly Sheep: American Blackbelly sheep are extremely easy to care for and require no shearing or tail docking. As a hair sheep breed, they are much more worm-resistant than wool breeds and are often raised without deworming pills or vaccinations. More >>
American Jacob Sheep Other Livestock Profile American Jacob Sheep: Often described as an "ornamental" sheep, the Jacob sheep can be raised for wool and lean, grass-fed meat. More >>
Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Other Livestock Profile Barbados Blackbelly Sheep: Barbados Blackbellies are meat breed sheep ideal for low-input, organic, and grass-fed lamb operations. More >>
Border Leicester Sheep Other Livestock Profile Border Leicester Sheep: The long-wool Border Leicester--a favorites among hand spinners--was the sheep featured in the movie "Babe." More >>
California Red Sheep Other Livestock Profile California Red Sheep: California Red sheep are a dual-purpose breed noted for their silky, beige or oatmeal-colored fleece and their exceptionally tender, tasty meat. More >>
Cheviot Sheep Other Livestock Profile Cheviot Sheep: Dual-purpose Cheviots produce delicious meat and white wool. They're also known as Border Cheviots because they were originally raised on the border between Scotland and Northumberland in England. More >>
Clun Forest Sheep Other Livestock Profile Clun Forest Sheep: The Clun Forest can be used to produce wool, meat and milk. They're an ideal sheep for grass-fed and organic lamb production. More >>
Coopworth Sheep Other Livestock Profile Coopworth Sheep: Sporting a wool-free face, the Coopworth produces large amounts of lustrous wool, as well as meat. More >>
Corriedale Sheep Other Livestock Profile Corriedale Sheep: Hailing from New Zealand, the adaptable Corriedale produces wool compared to merino. More >>
Cotswold Sheep Other Livestock Profile Cotswold Sheep: If you're a fiber artist or conservator breeder, here is your sheep! The Cotswold is a peerless producer of eight to 12 inch locks of lustrous white or colored fiber in the 33 to 40 micron range; ewes clip about 12 to 15 pounds of fleece. More >>
Delaine Merino Sheep Other Livestock Profile Delaine Merino Sheep: The Delaine Merino, one type of Merino sheep, has been described as the most practical Marino on the average farm and is especially adapted to range sheep production in the Western and Southwestern states. It has a history and characteristics similar to other Merinos. More >>
Dorper Sheep Other Livestock Profile Dorper Sheep: Dorper sheep are a large, hardy meat sheep breed from South Africa. They do one thing, and they do it well. More >>
Dorset Sheep Other Livestock Profile Dorset Sheep: Dorsets are dual-purpose wool and meat sheep. Dorset ewes produce fast-growing, meaty lambs; twins are the norm. More >>
Finnsheep Sheep Other Livestock Profile Finnsheep Sheep: A prolific breed that evolved from wild mountain sheep, the Finnsheep offers both meat and soft, lustrous wool. More >>
Gotland Sheep Other Livestock Profile Gotland Sheep: The medium-sized Gotland is a true multipurpose, long wool sheep. They yield good-flavored, close-grained meat, fur skins and soft lustrous fleece. Gotland sheep still exist on the island of Gotland. More >>
Hampshire Sheep Other Livestock Profile Hampshire Sheep: Try the Hampshire for an efficient meat producer, as well as fine, dense wool. Use as sires is also common. More >>
Hog Island Sheep Other Livestock Profile Hog Island Sheep: These rugged, low-maintenance sheep produce mainly white wool and make a fine choice for hobby farmers. More >>
Icelandic Sheep Other Livestock Profile Icelandic Sheep: The medium-sized Icelandic are a good triple-purpose sheep: They offer meat, milk and the versatile, double-coated fleeces grown by this breed charm hand spinners with a wide and lovely range of natural colors. . More >>
Karakul Sheep Other Livestock Profile Karakul Sheep: Karakul wool is an ideal medium for weaving fine rugs and saddle blankets as well as for felting. These sheep are one of the most ancient breeds. More >>
Katahdin Sheep Other Livestock Profile Katahdin Sheep: Katahdins make hardy, low-maintenance meat animals and produce excellent lamb crops that hold appeal for specialty markets. More >>
Merino Sheep Other Livestock Profile Merino Sheep: The Merino is justifiably famous for its wool. Hand spinners adore the Merino’s exceptionally fine fleece, which spins up into a soft yarn.  More >>
Miniature Cheviot Sheep Other Livestock Profile Miniature Cheviot Sheep: Miniature Cheviots can make great farm pets. Many Miniature Cheviots are white sheep, but they also provide wool in a variety of colors, from ranging black to pale beige and silver. More >>
Navajo-Churro Sheep Other Livestock Profile Navajo-Churro Sheep: Navajo-Churros have a lustrous fleece composed of a strong outer layer and a soft undercoat which is low in lanolin. The open locks and wide color range make Navajo wool ideal for hand spinners and weavers. . More >>
Rambouillet Sheep Other Livestock Profile Rambouillet Sheep: These fine wool producers, can do especially well in the southwest. They also yield good lambs. More >>
Romney Sheep Other Livestock Profile Romney Sheep: The easily adaptable Romney produces fine, easy-to-spin wool, as well as meat. More >>
Scottish Blackface Sheep Other Livestock Profile Scottish Blackface Sheep: In Europe, the long, coarse wool of the Scottish Blackface is made into fine carpets, Irish and Scottish Tweeds, and used to stuff mattresses.  This medium-sized breed also produces a lean, fine-grained, and flavorful meat. . More >>
Shetland Sheep Other Livestock Profile Shetland Sheep: Shetlands grow soft, strong fleeces in a delightful range of colors, patterns, and textures – a spinner’s dream come true.  Indeed, the Shetland woolen industry with its fine, un-dyed sweaters, shawls, and other knitted garments owes its fame to this hardy little wool breed. . More >>
Shropshire Sheep Other Livestock Profile Shropshire Sheep: Shropshires produce a heavy, dense fleece with a soft handle and little kemp. The wool is wonderful for spinning and knitting. The lambs of this dual-purpose breed gain weight quickly and yield a good, meaty carcass.  More >>
Southdown Sheep Other Livestock Profile Southdown Sheep: The fast-growing Southdown is an efficient and economical converter of grass to lean, tender and flavorful meat. They make popular exhibition livestock and good projects for young people due to their mellow temperaments. More >>
Suffolk Sheep Other Livestock Profile Suffolk Sheep: A popular meat breed, the large Suffolk has a regal look that also offers medium wool. More >>
Tunis Sheep Other Livestock Profile Tunis Sheep: Tunis sheep excel as extremely feed-efficient, productive meat animals capable of thriving on poorer pastures and in hot, dry conditions. More >>

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