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Poultry Breeds

Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Chickens: Whether you keep them for their eggs, their meat—or just their looks and personalities, chickens have a lot to offer hobby farmers. A popular choice for first-time farmers, chickens can live in both large and small spaces, even some people’s backyards. See all chicken breed profiles. More >>
Ducks Poultry Livestock Profile Ducks: Many people love ducks for their utility—they’re great at eating bugs! But hobby farmers can raise them for their meat or eggs, or for exhibition. Plus, their animated behaviors make them a joy to have around the farm. See all duck breed profiles. More >>
Geese Poultry Livestock Profile Geese: Hardy birds that thrive largely on grass, geese are easy to care for. Raise them for their down, their meat or their eggs, or for exhibition. They’re good at announcing predators and trimming weeds—and can even make friendly farm pets. See all geese breed profiles. More >>
Turkeys Poultry Livestock Profile Turkeys: The quintessential Thanksgiving and holiday fare, the turkey can be a great livestock choice for hobby farmers. Native to North America, they are one of the largest and most grand poultry types you’ll find on the farm. See all turkey breed profiles. More >>

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